ARMv8(ARM64, AArch64)进阶之旅

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ARM Architecture

ARM - The Architecture For The Digital World:
the ARM Infocenter:

ARM v8

ARMv8-A Reference Manual:
ARM Cortex-A Series Programmer’s Guide for ARMv8-A Version: 1.0:
Cortex-A series processors-Cortex-A53:
Cortex-A series processors-Cortex-A57:
Cortex-A series processors-Cortex-A72:

ARM CoreLink controllers and peripherals
CoreLink interconnect:
Memory controllers
System controllers
CoreLink peripherals
PL01x - UART
PL02x - Synchronous Serial Port
PL03x - Real Time Clock
PL050 - PS2 Keyboard/Mouse Interface
PL06x - General Purpose Input/Output
PL13x - Smart Card Interface
PL16x - DC-DC Converter Interface
PL18x - Multimedia Card Interface
PL220 - External Bus Interface
Peripheral Test Block

ARM Platform Code(Arm/AArch64): edk2/ArmPlatformPkg/
U-boot: the Universal Boot Loader:
ARM Platform Code(AArch64):u-boot-201x.xx/arch/arm/cpu/armv8
(version u-boot-2014.01 starts to support for the ARMv8)

U-Boot on ARM32, AArch64 and beyond:

Linaro:Leading collaboration in the ARM Ecosystem
Linaro ARMv8:
Toolchain Working Group:
Kernel Working Group:
Linux3.7 starts to support for the ARMv8:
Linaro QEMU:
Linaro 32- and 64-bit ARM Open Platform:

ARM Open Platforms

BeagleBone Black:
Juno ARM Development Platform:
HiKey board:
DragonBoard™ 410c board:
AppliedMicro X-C1 Dev Board(More abundant board level resources compared with HiKey board):
World’s first 64bit ARMv8 development board: